29 Feb, 2024
In our current digital age, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, holding vast amounts of personal and sensitive information. However, with convenience comes the risks of cybersecurity…
There has been much discussion recently about normalization with Israel, especially after we saw on television the celebration of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain delegations signing a normalization agreement…
Many housewives struggle with a problem that may not receive much attention but actually requires immediate action upon discovery – lint on furniture, whether it’s on carpets, curtains, or sofas…
Not everyone has a heart like yours. Most people will not give and give. Most don’t know how. All they know how to do is take. Not because they mean…
Dealing with Stress and Psychological Pressure When experiencing stress and psychological pressure, there are several actions you can take to calm your mind, body, and improve your mental state. Here…

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding, Cultivating, and Thriving

1. What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand and perceive personal emotions and the emotions of others, effectively controlling and guiding them. It encompasses the capacity to handle psychological pressures and build healthy, productive relationships with others. 2. Importance of Emotional Intelligence – Improving Social Relationships: Emotional intelligence aids in […]

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The Story of the Book, Ink, and Pen

There was a book of empty stories, it appeared magnificent with an impressive cover, but all its pages were blank. People held the book with anticipation, but they couldn’t find any stories inside, so they would cast the book aside. There was a beautiful inkwell full of ink near that book, forgotten by its owner […]

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“The Tale of Cooperation Among Animals”

This story revolves around four animals: an elephant, a monkey, a peacock, and a rabbit. Initially, these four animals were not friends. They used to quarrel over who had the right to the fruit tree that everyone enjoyed. However, a stranger came and claimed ownership of this tree. The four friends wondered what they should […]

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“The Pigeon and the Hunter”

One day, a hunter was leisurely walking in the forest. This hunter often ventured into the forest in the early morning, carrying his hunting net and bait to catch birds. Every day, he would set up his nets and scatter bread crumbs and grains around them, waiting for various birds like pigeons, sparrows, geese, and […]

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“The Fox and the Grapes”

There was a little fox walking in the forest, and suddenly, he saw a bunch of grapes hanging from a high branch. He said, “This is what I need to quench my thirst,” feeling happy. The fox took a few steps back and leaped to try and reach the grapes but failed. He tried a […]

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“The Bird and the Elephant”

In a distant forest filled with tall, beautiful trees and a variety of animals, a small bird lived with its mother and siblings in a small nest perched on the treetops. One day, the young bird went to look for food for its young siblings, who couldn’t fly yet. While its mother was away, a […]

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“The Lion and the Mouse”

One day, the king of the jungle, the lion, was asleep. A small mouse climbed onto his back and began to play. The lion was annoyed by the movement on his back and woke up in anger. He caught the mouse and decided to eat it right away. The mouse was very scared and started […]

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The Cunning Fox

There was a large forest, and in it, there was a lion that frightened and harmed the animals. The forest animals gathered and decided to cooperate and confront the lion’s tyranny and harm. They devised a clever plan to imprison him in a cage, and their intelligent plan succeeded. They locked the lion up, and […]

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