How to Remove Lint from Furniture
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How to Remove Lint from Furniture

Many housewives struggle with a problem that may not receive much attention but actually requires immediate action upon discovery – lint on furniture, whether it’s on carpets, curtains, or sofas made of linen, wool, or synthetic leather. No matter how much care you take of your furniture the right way, it may still accumulate lint and ruin the appearance. In this article, we will explain how to easily and effectively remove lint from furniture, so you don’t have to buy new pieces and discard the old ones due to lint clinging to sofas, carpets, and even curtains. We will also provide tips on protecting furniture from lint in the long run.

How to Remove Lint from Furniture
Lint has the ability to completely damage furniture, even if it’s new. Therefore, it’s essential to know the right ways to remove it and get rid of it almost permanently. Below is the easiest way to get rid of lint on furniture without spending a lot of money and effort:

Adhesive Tape:

We begin with using adhesive tape to remove lint from furniture. Wrap a bit of adhesive tape around your fingers, making the non-sticky side face outwards, and gently pat it on the carpets or sofas where lint is visible.
Lint Roller:

There’s no doubt that the easiest way to remove lint from furniture is by using a lint roller. Simply roll it back and forth multiple times on the linty pieces of furniture. It’s worth mentioning that these lint rollers are available in stores, and some are scented to give your carpets or curtains a nice fragrance after use. Remember to replace the lint roller sheet as soon as it’s full of lint.
Electric Lint Remover:

Nothing beats the effectiveness of an electric lint remover in getting rid of lint on sofas and carpets permanently. Running it over linty furniture pieces removes the visible lint and restores them to their former state. However, it’s important to pass the device gently over the fabric to prevent tearing or damage.
Using a Shaver:

It might surprise you that a shaver is one of the tools for removing lint from furniture. It has proven to be effective in removing lint from sofas and carpets. Simply glide the electric shaver, powered by batteries, gently over the fabrics. Also, the edging blades can be used by gently moving them over the lint area with caution to avoid tearing. Despite the effectiveness of this method, it does take a long time to completely remove the lint.
These are some additional tips to help you effectively remove lint from your furniture.

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